PUZZLEPROFITZ is making a big splash out there right now and as usual I’ve purchased it and tested it to give you an honest review.

Now, this is by Venkatesh and is out currently. Now, this is all about making puzzles that you can sell on the Amazon KDP network. And, this is a low content publishing network that is a huge, huge niche, and you can make money off it.

I know because I have been making Puzzle and Activity and Coloring books for kids for years now. So this product really intrigued me. You can check out my puzzle and activity book site at yourpuzzleheaven.com.

Buyer Beware

But unfortunately, I’m going to show you why with this particular product. This is probably not the software that you’re going to need to purchase to actually do that during the review. I’m also going to give you a bit of advice on the types of things that you will see with products like this on Warrior Plus or other platforms. I’m not saying these platforms are bad but they don’t always check into the products being offered so you, as the consumer, need to do your due diligence.  I would also recommend other reviews, actually, that you can go ahead and have a look at that will give you a very, very in-depth look at Amazon KDP itself and really help you understand from a technical perspective why this type of software is not going to be very good to publish on that particular network. I have some very, very good people that I trust that are experts in that niche.


And I’m going to point you over to one of their videos, and you can take a really good look at that if you really want to go into that niche itself, and they will help you understand what the best way to go is, and you can actually start making progress. But folks, I’m actually going to take you to this product. I have actually purchased it. I am going to start off on this page because this has got a training video here. This is just well, it is just AMAZING and not in a good way.


Demo Video Recap

Guys. I have just got to show you this demo video above and then we’ll go into the dashboard and we’ll have a look at the dashboard and see what you get. So, guys, these reviews are based on my own opinion, based on many years online buying products just like this one. The idea of the reviews, if you’ve not been here before, is that you get a little bit more information before you go ahead and decide to purchase any kind of product or service online.

So folks, if you like these types of reviews, go ahead and subscribe to the site and you’ll get notified every time I put up a new review. And, if you’re serious and you really want to build a business online and you’re trying to figure all this out, go ahead and check out the other products that I review or use the link I have given you later in this review, if you really want to get into the puzzle niche.

Now, the demo video is supposed to show me as a complete newbie how I’m going to sell these on the Amazon network and what it is all about. And it’s an extensive training video, lol, which lasts a whole two minutes. Yeah, that’s what I said, 2 whole minutes.

It lasts two minutes. It flashes up to the Amazon KDP network and it says, you have to join that. And then it shows you how to use the software, supposedly, and says you’re supposed to download it as a picture file and then nothing. So this is the worst demo video I think I have ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of them.

And that’s saying something when you’re looking at people that are selling products on the Warrior Plus network, folks. It is brutally bad, it is only two minutes, and it tells you nothing. And by the way, there is not even someone talking on it. It is just a music background, and then it has someone moving their mouse pointer around, pointing at things in the dashboard. So it is really bad and now, let’s jump over to the dashboard.


Ok, so on the dashboard they have some deal analytics on there. But they have got absolutely no kind of tie-in with anything.


The only thing you might have here is the total puzzles, downloaded puzzles, and the puzzle views. But again, there is no correlation between the puzzle views because you are instructed to download these as actual images. So where are they going to get the data for the puzzle views? None of this makes any sense. Alright, so the next thing I want to do is go into the training and tutorials.


This is the actual version that they have sold to people, I bought it and as I said I make puzzle books. So you go to the training and it is for a totally different product called Sonic.  Now, Sonic has absolutely nothing at all to do with this puzzle product. I have no idea why they put this in the training here. This actually looks like some kind of a page builder and how to build applications with this software.


So this is completely random folks. And the folks who made this really ought to be embarrassed. This is a very strange thing to put in here as a training tutorial and kind of shows just how much they actually care about what they give you.  You go inside here and you have a puzzle generator, and basically it lets you make a very second-rate Word Finder puzzle.


So I made a puzzle using words that I came up with and it actually produced my word Finder puzzle. But, there are some gaps and blank spots in it where there should be letters, which is kind of odd. And then I guess the idea is to go ahead and save the images so I could have images of the actual blank one. And then I can go ahead and find the various words on it and I could have another image for the actual puzzle with the solution.


And then there is nothing else here, guys. It tells me how to use it, to some extent but if I don’t know anything about Amazon KDP, how do I make a book from this? How does it get printed? All of these things are absolutely missing from the training

All it is, is a little bit of software that will help you to generate word Finder puzzles, that are really not complete.  Now I just go to this other site and I’m going to do the same thing and then create it. And basically it creates multiple puzzles for me and even in multiple sizes. And if you don’t want to come up with words they have a bunch already set with word lists. All you have to do is publish them. So, I can become a member of the site, and start having these very easy puzzles created for me in minutes. And they still give you training on how to publish them as books including formatting, creating covers etc. So if you really want to get into the puzzle book game, and not just word puzzles but many different puzzle types. Then go HERE and use this software.

Addition Info

So why do I need to actually go ahead and use this software is really beyond me when I have another option that does it all and more. So it is really just a very poor idea to try and sell a product that they are telling you is going to make you a ton of money online. But, there is so much more to Amazon KDP than using this software like this. Now, what I would do is I’m actually going to recommend somebody else here called Dream Creative Marketing. This is somebody that I know very well and I really trust.


They’ve actually done a review on this as well. Another Puzzle Profits review and the link to see this review is https://youtu.be/Ch3QIzyYGaE, she’s actually going to explain to you in a more technical way why this type of software is not going to be any good to actually publish on the KDP network and why you are not going to make money with it. It really is worth following her and actually getting real advice if you are interested in making money from the Amazon KDP network.

Further Proof

There are two pictures on the sales page that are supposedly testimonials. But, they are generated by a software that anybody can get access to, and they just generate these random pictures so these folks jist don’t exist. Now, the worst thing on here is they’re actually telling you that Richard W (one of the fake pictures) has made $512 using the Puzzle Profit app. They say that specifically and give you some image proof. I have not made any of this up, guys.


They make that specific financial proof and say it is connected to this software. If you do a very quick Google search. Just right click and then search for the image and it shows you that this financial proof has got nothing to do with Mr. Richard W. This financial proof is on a website owned by a Ryan Hogan.


If you go to his website you can see that this is his financial proof. And it’s from 2020, before this software was ever developed. So close to two years ago now, isn’t it, guys?

You can see that he’s given his actual income reports from January 2020, and that is one of the images he uses. The second thing I want to show you is Joy. Again, another AI image. Joy doesn’t exist either. This is another piece of financial proof you see on there. And it correlates to someone named Amit Suiti or something like that.

If you want to go that route, puzzle books are a great niche, I know. It’s a very positive niche to be in. People really love these low content type books. But to be honest, this Puzzle Profits isn’t worth anything.

If you want to get the real thing click the Order Now box.


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