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Who Is This Guy, The BizOpp Advisor?

Who is this guy, The BizOpp Advisor. He is cute though, for an old guy, lol.

Alright, alright, I hear you. You are continually being hounded  with “deals” and “promos” from GREEDY GURUS who only want you for the money in your money clip, money belt,  (or whatever thingamajig you carry your valuables in).

It makes you baffled, befuddled and thoroughly perplexed. At times, even angry.

You are 1000% right to feel like that.

I get it, I hear you, I’ve been there.

Over the course of my very long  online career, I have spent thousands and thousands on courses, programs, e-books, video training, apps, software, and coaching.

Some of it worked… but for the most part, it didn’t

Since 2015 I have helped tons of people reach their dreams online. My sole purpose is to show you ways to make as much money as you can while working as little as possible.  I have done it. Many people just like you have done it. Now it is your turn.  Read this page to see how.


Most of the junk I have purchased online just wasted my time, depleted my bank account, and left me feeling conned, deceived, and thoroughly victimized.

If you have been online for more than a minute or two, I know you have experienced all of this too.

That’s why I target my concentration on HELPING other folks to attain the level of success that I currently have.

The kind of success where you get up every day and you are totally shocked at how much income you made while you were sleeping.

Yes, as overused as it sounds… you really CAN make money while you sleep!

But… and this is a BIG BUT… you have to do it THE CORRECT WAY.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my goal.


I’m here to point you in the right direction. To provide you with ideas, tools, training, and the guidance/support you need to start earning more money online each day than you are  making all month, right now.


It is not insane, or out of the question. In fact, it is VERY VERY plausible. I see it day in and day out.


And I am going to try my hardest to ensure you start feeding money into your bank account like crazy.


I will do it by…


  1. Furnishing you with ideas, guidance, tips, training and at times some insider information, that will give you the skills you need to make it online.


  1. Giving you reviews of products (I HAVE ACTUALLY TESTED) and that I truly feel can improve your proficiency and bring you closer to achieving life-changing income from home with a lot less work and no hassles of a boss.

I will only recommend things that I or members of my staff have tried and that we know will work. BUT all things are not right for all people. You need to do your own due diligence and determine what is right for you.

It is my promise to you that I will do everything I can to give you what you NEED to make as much money as possible online. I will not try to oversell you, swindle or flimflam you or take advantage of you in any way.

I know many others have done that … and, unfortunately, they will continue to do so, if you allow them to. It is the nature of this business and it’s too bad. There are a ton of SHARKS out there that want to eat you for breakfast. Think of me as the helpful dolphin that will guide you out of the shark infested waters and into the paradise of your dreams.

Most online marketers use up way too much time and a lot of money investing in the “shiny object syndrome,” and these things do not get you any results. My obligation to you is to show you what I feel are the best programs for making money online.  This combined with the best approaches, tips and plans that I’ll show you will help you safely and steadily build an online income, faster.

Anyhow.. let’s dive right in…

… Oh man, here comes the part where I talk about myself… (don’t leave yet and try not to fall asleep, I promise I will not drag on about myself for too long)…


My Story (AKA, How I Got Here And Why You Should Give A Crap About Whatever I Tell You)

I am NOT anything outstanding or even unique.

I do not have any more training or education that you do not have.

In fact, I narrowly made it out of school, went to community college and then in the Navy so I wouldn’t be drafted into the army.

Got out after 10 years and 3 tours in Vietnam (just what I was trying to avoid by not going into the army).

And before I found  success online, I was totally broke.

It all began in 2015.

I was working for a merchandising company as a District Manager. It was a decent job except that I was traveling all the time.

But due to some bad choices and a divorce I was $thousands in debt. The bank repossessed my car because I couldn’t keep up with the payments so I had to buy a cheap-oh car that wasn’t really good for traveling.

And one day my company laid me off saying they were reorganizing.

I was older by then and no one wanted to hire me, except maybe McDonald’s and I had been there and done that already.

But I still had to work,  so I decided to try “online marketing.”  It was wild! I thought to myself,
I could make money online? From the comfort of my own home? With no boss? No annoying coworkers? No traveling? Woo Haw!

And I literally went right to work, I spent hours and days in front of my computer. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, months to forever.

I was horrendous at it.  I did not make a DIME, NICKEL. Not even a stinkin’ PENNY.

For EVER, it seemed, I struggled to make anything at all.

In fact, I SPENT money. A TON of money.

As I said before, the total amount of money I spent online buying GREEDY GURU CRAP I could have used to purchase a new Ferrari or mansion on the beach somewhere.

But, with the assistance of a mentor (like I would like to be for you), I found guidance, sharpness, and purpose.

I had finally learned  how to make this online marketing thing work. And once I uncovered that, making money online was more straightforward  than I could ever have envisioned.

Seriously though, within a few  days my account had more money than I ever imagined – LOTS of cash – and I have been getting more and more every day.

It’s astonishing.

And I want YOU to have this same feeling too. I want YOU to really feel what it is like to make more money in one day than anyone you know makes in a full month.

You CAN do it. It doesn’t what your situation is, YOU can make it happen. YOU just have to start.

And I want to be the one to help you accomplish it.

I want to be one of the few people that you believe in to steer you in the right direction. Keep you safe and secure from the guru’s and to always be there, for you, anytime you need me.

We can work as a team to make YOUR dreams a reality. Many others have done it. They are not any smarter, more talented, or more experienced than you. If they can do it… GOD, if a moron like me can do it… I’m 100% confident YOU can do it too!

You just have to START… like I did.

And there is no better time to begin than RIGHT NOW.

Seriously, the quicker you start, the faster you can begin living the life of your dreams.

Remember what I always say: Build Your Dream Or Someone Will HIRE YOU To Build Theirs!

Talk soon,

AKA, The BizOpp Advisor

P.S. Reach out to me, if you want to, I would like to hear what your goals are… where you want to go, your online interests etc…


Tell me a little about yourself and what you want to accomplish in this online journey.